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Captain Dreadlocke.notoriouslyconservative

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http://www.notoriouslyconservative.yuku.com http://www.amconforum.yuku.com http://tucsonteaparty.org  http://freerepublic.com http://twitter.com/CaptDreadlocke "Singin' songs of shady sisters, an old time liberty Songs of love and songs of war, an songs to set men free""Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats." H L Mencken Turn yer inner pirate loose!
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Article 1. If ye has any questions about wot yer God given rights be- Then the cut o' yer jib be too loose. BLOW Article 2 Stand by yer Captain but hold 'em accountable ta article 1. Article 3 Heed no call ta utter the phrase "Baaa-Baaa". Article 4 Choosin' the lesser 'o two evils be a violation o' article 3. Refer ta article one. Article 5 There ain't no article 5. Article 6 Ye be makin' no threats upon the Royalty, the commonors, serfs or appointed servants. Spys be fair game.     

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